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Bulk Cable Agreement

A: Section 720.309 (2), the Florida Homeowners` Association Act, stipulates that if government documents allow the association to cover the costs of communication, information or Internet services acquired under a mass contract, these costs are considered operating costs of the association. Exclusive agreements between MDUs owners and video and/or Internet service providers can be beneficial (and lucrative) for both parties. Lobbying by various interest groups in recent years has highlighted these FCC review agreements and raised questions about their legality under federal communications laws. Federal law prohibits cable and Internet service providers from participating in "unreasonable" acts or practices that, among other things, significantly discourage or impede competition among other service providers.1 According to the mandate of Congress, the FCC is the writing body that defines the particular conduct that constitutes such prohibited acts or practices. With bulk cable contracts, the snowbirds pay for the six months they`ve left. You cannot disable every service with a mass contract. Dish and CenturyLink users pay for mass cable contracts, even if they don`t use cable. However, they can disable their non-wired service while they are on the go. If you understand the impact of the FCC rules on your internal wiring rights at the end of the service, you can decide on the front end whether you are negotiating other procedures for the provision of internal wiring in your service contracts with cable operators.

The FCC`s provisions relating to the sale of internal cables at the termination of operations apply only if (1) the incumbent supplier has the internal wiring after the service has ceased and (2) the service agreement between the historical supplier and the owner of the MDU does not provide for other internal wiring procedures. If your service contract with a cable operator grants you ownership of the internal wiring during installation or establishes procedures for the elimination of internal wiring at the end of service that will deviate from FCC rules, the terms of your agreement will take control. When negotiating these terms, be sure to indicate the segments of the internal wiring (i.e. domestic or domestic line) to which the terms relate. However, even if the administrative documents do not provide for these mass services, the law provides that the board of directors of mass telecommunications services can enter into a contract and that the costs of these services must be borne. However, where administrative documents do not deal with such mass service contracts, the House must allocate the costs of mass service on a package basis and not as a percentage, even though the administrative documents provide for the allocation as a percentage of assessments on a percentage basis and not on a parcel basis. In some municipalities, the lack of choice (i.e. competition) is not a problem. For example, the choice among service providers is often less important for older people than for a younger, technically experienced population.

And for a resident population that has no consumable income, the choice of elections is less important than a discount on services. For example, mass contracts are generally used in older and low-income housing units. In addition, large-scale agreements for condominiums (unlike rental properties) are often wise, because the management of a condominium is more democratic than the management of a dwelling complex. A tenant who pays a monthly rent may rebel (for example. B by moving or refusing to pay rent) with the prospect of paying for services he does not want, while the owner of a condominium participated (probably) in the democratic process that led to the execution of the mass contract for the whole municipality.


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