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Agreements Countable

A good dictionary will tell you if a nostun is referred to or unnamed. Some names refer to things that are treated in English as separate elements that can be counted. These are called names that can be counted. Here are some examples: some names can be countable or innumerable depending on the context or situation. There are a few words that go both with names and countless nouns. One of them is this one. However, if you are referring to different fruits, you can use the fruit as a detectable nostunus. All the myriad names associated with clothing are thousands of thousands of people. They cannot be used in the singular form or with numbers. You can`t say, for example, shorts or two shorts.

Instead, we should say that sometimes countless nouns are used to mean "a measure of something" or "a kind or an example of something": some names can be counted when we are talking about a particular species or different species. Chianti is an Italian wine. (A kind of Italian wine) The use of plastics has increased sharply. (Using different types of plastics) In English grammar, certain things are considered a whole or a mass. These are called countless nouns because they cannot be separated or counted. A denomable noun becomes plural by adding s at the end of the word. Of course, there are exceptions - here are some examples of names that can be counted. We saw a ship in the distance.

Claire has only one sister. I have a problem with the car. Do you like these pictures? I`m going out for five minutes. An unspeakable noun (for example. B water) is neither singular nor plural. You can`t count the water. We can say water or a little water, but no water or two. You cannot refer to a single nonon that can be counted. It is usually used by an article before. The articles refer to unspecified articles - one, one - and the particular article of it. We can sometimes use denotable nov-phrases to talk about a single example of the thing to which an unspeakable nomunn refers. Often the no bite is specific, and the countless nostun is more general.

No water or music A. We do not use numbers with countless numbers. not three streams Some countable names have meanings similar to the myriad of names above. Milk, soup, etc. are countless names. We cannot use a number or number before them. We don`t usually say a milk or two soups. But you could say a carton of milk or two cans of soup.


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