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Agreement On Way Forward Answers

Therefore, if you respond quickly to the questionnaire before consulting with laboratory managers or managers of public health institutions, the user can identify areas where he or she needs more information. After consulting to gather information, the user can re-complete the questionnaire. This time, there may be fewer "don`t know" responses and more that fall into the "accept" or "not accept" categories. If the answers "do not match," the user should be advised that action may be necessary to remedy the situation. For example, if the answer to the question "Facilities and equipment are entheuz for the level of work and maintained appropriately" is "in disagreement" or "strongly disagree," it is clear that the facilities and equipment do not correspond to the level of work done or are not adequately maintained. This may pose a risk to public safety as well as laboratory professionals and suggests that steps need to be taken to address this problem. On the other hand, a response of "agree" or "strongly agree" shows that appropriate measures have already been taken. If the questionnaire is to be used as a quick assessment for people in government leadership positions or lab heads, the user may find that at the first attempt to answer questions, many answers will not be "aware." In other words, it is likely that many interviewees, particularly senior government officials, do not have an overview of the detailed implementation of safety and ethics systems in public health facilities. A "don`t know" answer to one of the questions should show the user that they need to find more information about this particular problem.

Ralph Topping, President of the SPL, said: "I am pleased that the SPL clubs have agreed today on a way to play in this country. If the questionnaire is completed by a group of laboratory scientists, the results can be interpreted a little differently. In this case, a large number of "don`t know" responses to any of the questions may indicate that staff are not aware of the various issues being investigated. For example, "don`t know" on the issue "research priorities are consistent with national health needs" indicate that laboratory staff do not know what national health needs are or that, when launching research projects, research is not verified to meet national health needs. In any event, the "don`t know" response should show leaders that it is necessary to continue to discuss the issue with their staff. Many believe it is important to define the purpose of the meeting first and to present an agenda.


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